Standard program

The standard program consists of pan flutes in seven different tone pitches, ranging from e0 to g4.
The basic key is generally G major.

The pan flutes of the standard program are offered in several variants and designs:



The nice and lightweighted pan flutes of the basic model can be produced in four different variants.

The concert pan flutes are equipped with a solid base of bamboo. There are four variants of the base available.

The elaborate base of master pan flutes is made of walnut or kosipo wood, an extraordinary beautiful representative of the mahagony family.

Concert and master pan flutes are offered with peeled or flamed tubes.


Of course, many of your own ideas can be realised, too. Simply ask!

Apart from the extensive standard program, all pan flutes for the Akademie Syrinx are manufactured in my workshop. Please contact Nicole Andris for consultation and ordering of "Syrinx pan flutes".

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