Tradition and Modernism

Master of Pan Flute Craftship, Steffen Küttner.

Küttner Panflutes are painstakingly constructed using proven manufacturing concepts taken from the tradition of the Romanian Nai. We continuously improve our instruments by closely collaborating with leading pan flute virtuosi. Given well-balanced dimensions, scrupulously selected materials and clean handcrafted processing, all Küttner Panflutes meet the very highest of standards.

In addition to the extensive range of the standard program, our pan flutes are also available in other keys and with varying musical ranges. Usually the pan flutes are tuned in the traditional key of G major.


There are probably few natural materials that have such a versatile range of uses as bamboo. This fascinating "giant grass" is also ideally suited to the making of pan flutes. Its hard surface and particularly its long, continuous fibre structure form an ideal foundation for the excellent tonal quality of our instruments. Küttner Panflutes are made using only a few carefully selected and particularly suitable members of the bamboo family. By taking advantage of the natural shape of the bamboo, extraordinary pan flutes are individually constructed tube by tube. A Küttner Panflute will reliably produce the beautiful characteristics associated with a soft, voluminous sound complimented by high dynamics and a quick and easy response during playing.

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